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What is Gambling?

Gambling is the risking of money or something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. A person is gambling whenever he or she takes the chance of losing money or belongings, and when winning or losing is decided mostly by chance. Gambling is now a multi-Trillion dollar industry in the world, and its growth is likely to continue.
Type of Gambling
There are many different ways to gamble, including:
Casino games
Lottery tickets
Slot machines
Sports betting
Betting on horse racing

What You Need to Know Before You Start Gambling
You’re finally in a twinkly, noisy casino. You’ve filled up at the buffet and you’re itching to roll the dice and see if lady luck is on your side. Well hold on there buckaroo. You may have big dreams of hitting the jackpot and retiring on your own private island, but that’s not going to happen here. Gambling is a good time and can offer a nice rush when things shake out in your favor, but it’s not how it looks in the movies.
  • The house always has an advantage: No matter what game you’re playing, the house (the casino you’re gambling in) has an edge. They do not need to rely on luck to win and make money, they just need players like you. The math is on their side, always. Know that going in, and never assume you have the upper hand with these games. Somebody’s big win dwarfs in comparison to the thousands of wins the house has claimed.
  • Luck is the biggest factor in winning: Unlike the house, you do have to rely on luck to make any money—most of the time. There are ways you can slightly reduce the house’s advantage over you by playing smart, thus extending your play time, but luck is still the biggest determining factor of your success.
  • Start with a fixed amount of money you’re ready to lose: Gambling is nota lucrative way to make money. It is strictly for entertainment. Before you walk onto the casino floor, decide how much money you can comfortably afford to play with (meaning: lose forever), then stick to it. Take out some cash, then leave your ATM card in your hotel room. Never take out more money to get back what you’ve lost. Create boundaries for yourself. If you can’t comfortably afford to lose it, don’t play. Sorry. Gambling isn’t designed to save people down on their luck.
  • Hot streaks don’t last: If you’re winning and have more money than you started with, think about stopping. Eventually your hot streak will end and you’ll look at your chips wondering where all those winnings went.
Lastly, I recommend you look into player rewards and incentives being offered at the casino you’re gambling in. These programs often cost you nothing to join, but they can earn you swag, free gambling credit, free meals, and even free stays in really nice suites. You’re already spending the money to play, so you might as well take advantage of these programs. Look for a customer service counter or ask someone at the cashier’s cage.
How to play Gambling
Playing Gambling games is without a doubt the most fun way to make and lose money ever invented.
Whether shooting dice, spinning reels, or playing card games, casinos both online and in the real world offer lots of ways to entertain yourself while giving you a shot at walking away with money in your pocket, too.
Despite these advantages, many players do still prefer the land-based casino experience. It's hard to beat the tasty food, cold beer, and the "vibe" in a fun, well-run casino.
How to Win
Winning Gambling can come down to different things – notably luck, skill and strategy. Of those three, luck is probably the most important. It is not that everyone has Luck, some people have and some don’t. People have different ways the attain that luck of wing the lottery, other were born with it, some strive to get it through traditional healers.
While any game can be turned into a pure gamble where chance is either your friend or foe, some games and bet types tend to be easier to "get lucky" than others.
Therefore Luck with Chance move hand in hand How below are tips you need to know while play gambling

Pick the Right Games to Play

Depending on what kind of experience you’re interested in, some games are better to play than others. Do you actually want to use skill to try to win some money? Or do you want to lounge around and sip on free cocktails? Do you want to feel the weight of casino chips in your hands? Or would you rather look at a machine showing off flashy effects and sounds?
If you’re looking to win, you should go for games that both require some degree of skill and won’t leave you naked and penniless too fast. The games with the best odds for players who actually know how to play (or less house edge) are:
  • Blackjack (single deck, if available)
  • Video Poker (I suggest Double Bonus or “Double Double Bonus”)
  • Craps (some bets)
  • Baccarat
If you’re just looking to have some fun with an easy-to-learn game, however, I recommend these:
  • Slots (note: penny slots do not cost only one cent to play)
  • Roulette (European roulette has slightly better odds)
  • Keno
While playing slots, you can snag free cocktails from the waitresses roaming around (always tip). Roulette is the easiest of table games—just place your bet on what you think the little white ball will land on, like odd numbers, even numbers, red, black, or specific numbers (37:1 odds). You’ve got almost a 50/50 chance when playing odds, evens, reds, and blacks, so it’s pretty relaxed. Lastly, keno is designed to be played while you have a cocktail, watch TV, smoke a cigarette, or play other games. You pick some numbers on a grid, place your bet, then wait to see if your numbers come up. Think of it as a very small lottery.

The next time you head to a casino, take this advice from a former casino floor manager, card…
Know the Rules and Learn Basic Strategies
If you’re nervous about playing a table game like blackjack, start with the easy stuff mentioned above and get a feel for placing bets. Then, when you’re ready, move on to the more complicated games. Before you sit at a high stakes table, though, take some time to learn the game first.
You can easily find gambling tutorials online, like this blackjack tutorial, or this craps tutorial. A quick Google search will easily find you tons of how-to guides, as well as advanced strategies to increase your odds—sites like Wizard of Odds. If you don’t have time to research before you hit the floor, that’s okay too. Look for a low-stakes table with a small minimum bet, like a $5-per-hand blackjack table (depending on the casino and the night, $10 might be the lowest you can find).
Approach the table and tell the dealer that you’d like to play, but you don’t know how. They’ll gladly teach you, and might even show you how to play your cards right if you ask them. You see, dealers make a lot of their money through player tips, so it’s in their best interest for you to do well. They want you to win so you can give them money! It’s best to do this when the table is empty so you’re not slowing down play for others, but most people will be understanding or move to a different table.
Know When to Stop
Gambling can be addictive, so you need to take precautions and know when it’s time to quit. For example, free cocktails are great, but there’s a reason the casino is giving them to you. Don’t down too many and get reckless with your betting.
Also, never chase your losses. Thinking you can suddenly get lucky again and recoup your lost money is the “gambler’s fallacy.” You start to believe you are due for a big win, and that you can get all your money back if you just put some more money in. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. As soon you’re starting to have thoughts of “If I just play a little longer...” stop immediately.
 Then I play out whatever winnings I have left. If I continue to do well, I keep pocketing every 50% until my luck runs dry. With that setup, I’m always walking away with a little more than I started with—if I’m lucky.
Now you’re ready to hit the floor, roll some dice, say cool things like “hit me,” and have a good time. Good luck!

1.     BETTING

The history of sports betting dates back to the antiquity. In the past, the ancient Romans used to wager on the outcome of gladiator games, for example. At the time, that fierce form of gambling was one of the favorite activities of many Roman rulers.
However, present-day sports betting was introduced fairly recently during the period of explosive development of horse racing. Therefore, modern betting takes its roots in 19-century England being the first country to hold horse racing event.
Sports’ betting is a form of gambling when people place wagers on the outcome of a sporting event. However, the difference between sports betting and casino gambling is that the odds of winning are unknown, they are only estimated. Thus, winning depends on the punter's ability to analyze sports events and make the right predictions.
Live Betting.
Live betting, also known as in-play or in-running betting, is the process of placing a bet on a sporting event after it has started. For example, you can bet on different aspects of a football match after it has already kicked off and throughout the duration.
It takes away the need to study statistics and puts you at the heart of the action, giving you the chance to change your bet or place a new one during the event. When you’re feeling ready you can check out this site to find the best live sports betting options.
Explaining Live Betting
Well, basically, the online sports book you’re using will have set odds on a match or event before it takes place.
These odds will change several times after the event starts, depending on what happens.
If Team A were an odds-on favourite before kick-off and Team B takes the lead after a couple of minutes, the odds will change to reflect this. Team A may still be favorites to win, but they now have less chance of doing so. This will raise their odds.
Therefore, a person wishing to bet on Team A will get better odds than they would have if they’d placed the bet before the game started.
It isn’t just goals in a football match that change the odds. Every action during a sporting event will change the potential outcome, altering the betting odds in the process.
The odds are decided by the individual sports book, using a computer algorithm which constantly updates the information. Then, depending on what is happening in the event as well as past outcomes of similar events, the odds are changed.
When something significant happens during the event, the sports book will usually suspend betting for a few seconds so the computer can work out the new odds. Betting will then continue. This will happen several times throughout an event, giving you up-to-date odds reflecting what is happening in the live event.

Winning Is just Luck. Learn how to get Luck
Firstly, you can see what’s happening before deciding to gamble your hard-earned cash. If you fancied a team in a match which looked too close to call, you could wait until after the first few minutes have been played before placing a bet.
There’s also the added possibility of betting on different aspects of the event, like picking the winner of the next frame in a game of snooker or betting on who will win the next point in a tennis match.
This gives the punter more ways to win, as it provides several different betting options they didn’t have before the event started.
One of the main benefits is the ability for the punter to change their mind during an event.
Maybe, the bet on Team A looked like a “dead cert” after studying statistics before the match. However, after thirty minutes when they’re a goal down and have had a player sent off, the bet doesn’t seem so great after all.
The punter can now place an opposing bet, using the new information acquired since the game started.
Basically, it gives the punter more chance of winning because they have more knowledge of a sporting event than they did before.
Obviously, as with any form of gambling, this isn’t a certain way of winning. A deflected last minute goal or a missed pink to the middle pocket may mean the punter still loses.
2.     CASINO

The history of the casino began in Europe. The first official casino was opened in 1638 in Venice, Italy. Having successfully conquered the Old World, casino games also invaded the Asian gambling market and became insanely popular there.
The Chinese and other peoples of Southeast Asia are considered the most avid gamblers in the world. For example, before the World War licensed gambling establishments brought me, the main part of the state budget of Thailand.
In essence, casino is a gambling house offering various types of gambling: roulette, slot machines, card tables, dice, etc. The game play is conducted and controlled by the dealer.
The outcome is determined by the RNG the second you hit the spin button. The spinning symbols just add entertainment to the game. There are simply no strategies to beat a slot machine – the RNG makes every win purely random.
How odds work in slot machines.
Unlike some other games, they’re fixed. However you play, the odds of winning do not go up or down, but always stay the same.
Payout odds vary based on the machine. Two slot machines may look identical, yet may have different odds. So you can’t tell by the appearance of the machine.
The odds of hitting the top award vary greatly by machine, and may be as low as one in 17,000,000 spins – comparable to winning Lotto 6/49.


Lottery is one of the oldest gambling entertainments. It was first mentioned in the Bible when God ordered Moses to use a lottery to parcel out the land along the River Jordan.
The game is based on numbers. They are depicted on the player card in several lines. The winnings are determined by random draw: the machine randomly chooses the numbers that are marked off by players. You make a line when you mark off all the numbers in the row during the draw.
In a different kind of lottery, a player needs to choose some numbers in a specific range and hope that they will appear during the draw.
State Lotteries use tickets instead of cards. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to prizes, and the rest goes to the state.

To win a draw-based lottery, the numbers you pick must match some of the numbers drawn. When you buy your ticket, select a set of numbers, or a “line”. A line can be a set of five to seven numbers, ranging from 1 to 45, or 1 to 50, depending on the game.
The more numbers on one line you match to the draw numbers, the more you could win.
To win the jackpot, all your numbers must match the numbers drawn.Lottery numbers are chosen randomly by a ball drop or a random number generator, so there is an equal chance of a particular number being drawn with every draw.=
Even if numbers have been selected more in past draws, this doesn’t mean they have a better chance of coming up again, since every draw is random.
There’s no advantage to picking numbers that have won more often in the past. The chances of winning are always the same for a given game, no matter how many times a number has won before.4. POKER
This game is likely one of the oldest card games and, by far, the most controversial. There is still considerable debate about time and place of its origin. It is believed that the first game called "Poker" is mentioned in sixteenth-century chronicles.
The odds of winning in draw-based lottery games are based on two factors:
1. How many numbers must be matched
2. The size of the number pool
For example: For LOTTO 6/49, the odds of winning the jackpot are based on matching 6 numbers out of a number pool of 49 numbers.
The more numbers there are to match and the more numbers in the overall pool of numbers, the greater the odds.


It is believed that the first game called "Poker" is mentioned in sixteenth-century chronicles.
Also, many discussions are taking place nowadays on the issue whether poker is a type of gambling or sports, since some countries regulate the game as gambling while others – as sports.
Success in poker depends on strategy and skills of the player. There are two ways to win: to have the best hand at showdown or to force all your opponents to fold their cards.

How to Play a Poker Game

Before we get started some basic rules for how to play poker you should first get familiar with the basic poker hand rankings. Maybe 90% of all beginner mistakes happen when someone thinks they have the winning poker hand and they don't.
You can consult the hand ranking guide through the link above but it’s actually pretty simple:
Royal Flush (All the same suit, sequence A-K-Q-J-T)
Straight Flush (Any sequence all the same suit, for instance 9-8-7-6-5)
Four of a Kind (Four cards that are the same value, for instance A-A-A-A)
Full House (Three of a kind AND a pair)
Flush (All the same suit)
Straight (A basic sequence such as 6-5-4-3-2)
Three of a kind (Three cards that are the same value such as 5-5-5)
Two-pair (Two pairs, such as 9-9 AND 5-5)
Pair (Any pair whether it’s A-A or 2-2)
High Card (Whatever your highest card is)
Do everything you can to memorize the hand rankings. Quiz yourself, repeat them 100 times or write them out. Whatever it takes. Want a secret tip? There are three hand ranking mistakes that are very frequent among amateur players.

Here are the most common misconceptions
-- A straight beats flush (NOPE, just remember that all one suit > sequence)
-- Two-pair beats three-of-a-kind (NOPE; in poker you’d rather have three aces then two aces and two kings)
-- Overall card strength doesn’t matter but high card does (An ace-high flush is always better than a king-high flush)
Also, many discussions are taking place nowadays on the issue whether poker is a type of gambling or sports, since some countries regulate the game as gambling while others – as sports.
Success in poker depends on strategy and skills of the player. There are two ways to win: to have the best hand at showdown or to force all your opponents to fold their cards.
Raise to the same size with all hands you play.
Play many hands post flop with the same actions.
Play some weak and strong hands in the same way.
Do not show your opponents your cards at any point you do not have to.
Knowing what cards you are going to play
Disguising your holdings
Finding the right game to play in
Making adjustments for your opponents
Simplifying major decisions
Know the cards you are going to play
“Every battle is won before it is ever fought – Sun Tzu.
Poker, at its most simple, is a game where you play your cards against those of your opponent. There are a lot more variables involved in playing, but choosing the hands you play is at the very core of successful poker playing.
It may seem obvious which hands to play… and which hands not to play… But are you actively going into games with a detailed understanding of which hands to play, and from what position?
Above, you’ll see a standard 10 handed poker table. Each named position requires different playing strategies, so you should be playing different hands from that position.
As a general rule of thumb, the closer you are to the button, the more hands you should be playing.
This might sound obvious to the “aggressive” players, but even then, they often make a lot of mistakes, simply because they…

Don’t map out the hands they want to play before the session
Become scared to implement this strategy facing other players
To avoid this problem, study beforehand which hands you should be playing and from which position.
You’d be amazed just how much difference this can make to your game. When you discover some of the hands you should be playing, and some of the hands you shouldn’t be playing, you’ll likely be pretty surprised.

Here’s a simple exercise you can use to help you understand positioning, and the importance of hand selection. As an example, pick which locations on the poker table you would play these hands from:
[Ts 9s]
[Ah Td]
[7s 5s]
[Jc Jd
Each of these hands is different from the other one, and they should be played from different positions. Let’s look at some sample answers below.
[Ts 9s]  – All Positions
[Ah Td] – Mid to Late Position
[7s 5s] – Button
[Jc Jd – All Positions
Weak poker players think this level of study is unnecessary…
And luckily for you, that’s why they’ll always stay weak players, letting you take their money time and time again.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s unnecessary to understand hand selection – by putting a proper strategy in place, you eliminate all doubt from your preflop game, and you’ll become a far stronger, more-confident, winning poker player.
Disguise Your Holdings
So now that we’ve covered the art of hand selection, it’s time to make sure that the hands you do choose are played correctly.
Take for example, a player called John. He’s incredibly tight, and he raises preflop maybe once an hour. At showdown, he’s only ever shown monsters, and you’re confident that each time he raises preflop he has 10-10 minimum.
This style of play can work – short-term – but savvy players will exploit his weak tendencies, and he’ll soon become very easy to beat.
In poker, you don’t want to become predictable. In other words, you always want to keep your opponents guessing, meaning they have a tough time putting you on a hand.
We can achieve this by using a few techniques, which are designed to confuse them and leave them unable to read you.
Here are four cardinal rules for playing your hands:
Raise to the same size with all hands you play.
Play many hands postflop with the same actions.
Play some weak and strong hands in the same way.
Do not show your opponents your cards at any point you do not have to.
Let’s look at each of these individually.

1 – By keeping your bet sizings the same, it becomes virtually impossible for your opponent to put you on a hand. Plus, when your opponents think you’re raising with bad cards, they’ll pay you off when you have a monster (just watch Tom Dwan get gifted chips in HSP).

2 – By playing many hands postflop while using the same actions, it helps to keep your holdings disguised, and it means your opponents will become extremely frustrated with your constant barreling-style. This helps to continue the pre-flop secrecy in the previous point.

3 – Playing weak and strong hands in the same way adds yet another layer of depth to your game. It’s another tool to stop your opponents from putting you on hands, and they’ll often continually fold in resentment, not wanting to risk their stack to find out what you have.

4 – Do not show your opponents your cards at any point. Watch Phil Ivey play – You’d struggle to find even one time where he shows his opponents his hands, and this is crucial. You don’t want to give your opponents any information you don’t need to. And by never revealing your holdings when you don’t have to, you’ll add yet more mystery to your game.

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Find the Right Game to Play In
Finding the correct game to play in is probably one of the most overlooked aspects in poker, yet it’s one of the most critical. In his book, ‘Super System,’ Doyle Brunson talks about how he’d always be on the lookout for games with guys who were drunk, steaming, or just plain bad players.
And while things are a little different with the rise of the Internet, there are some core principles you should remember before jumping right into a game.
Here are some of the considerations you should be making before even THINKING about joining a table:
How high the house rake is.
Whether the players are weak, average, or good.
How the players are playing – are they playing lots of hands, or is the table being tight?
If in a live situation, is the environment safe to play?
Have you played with any of the players before? That knowledge of his play could give you an edge.
Poker is a game for people. We talk together, we play it together, we win and lose at the table together. That said, you always get to pick who you play with.
There are many different aspects to finding the right game to play in. Let’s look at the list of good places to play:
A game with no rake taken by the house.
A game played with many recreational players who play for fun.
A game where much alcohol is being consumed.
A game with a lot of loose action by various players at the table.
A game that you know is safe.
Some of these are more realistic than others, and it’s not always possible to control some of these factors, but the most important thing is that you’re aware of them and keep them in the back of your mind.
Don’t fall into the ego-war trap of many poker players. If you see players at a table that you know are better than you, then simply move on and find another table. It can be tempting to play against players who are more skilled than you – and don’t get me wrong, I know it can be tempting to take a shot into the big game – but at the end of the day, you’re here to make money, and you can maximize your profits by playing against weaker, less-able players.
Make Adjustments to Your Opponents
Making adjustments dependent on your opponent’s game is where the best players in the world shine through and really show their edge. Determining what tendencies their opponents have, and taking advantage of those tendencies, allows them to beat them consistently.
Again, Phil Ivey is a great example of how good players adjust. Ivey studies his opponents intently, looking for any information he can get. You’ll rarely see him talking or laughing throughout a hand. Watch him – he’ll stare down his opponent, analyzing their every move and determining how best to play against them.
However, while this stare-down approach works well for players like Ivey and Mike McDonald, it doesn’t work for everyone, and I for one, don’t feel that staring into my opponent’s soul gives me a huge deal of information.
Instead, I look for actual tendencies I can take advantage of and manipulate.
Some of these include noticing:
How aggressive they’re playing.
What hands they’re turning over at showdown.
When they appear tilted, or they’re getting fed up with waiting around for hands.
When they play hands that just don’t make sense.
Using these techniques can help you build a strong mental image of your opponent’s play style, letting you use this information to make the best decision possible.
In reality, you’re not always going to be able to tell if a player is bluffing or if they have the nuts. But using these techniques, you can begin reading your opponents and gaining information other players at the table don’t have.
For example, if an aggressive player is looking worn-out, bored, or annoyed, I am far more likely to check my strong hands rather than betting them. This induces them into making bets, even when they have absolutely nothing.
I wouldn’t check all my hands, but I would analyze the situation dependent on the factors above, and begin to set the trap.
Try to keep focused at the table at all times. Notice what hands players are showing down, and decipher whether their pre-flop raise was correct or incorrect. If it was incorrect, then chances are they’ll be making other mistakes, allowing you to capitalize and make profits from them.
Simplify Your Decisions
When playing in any poker game – be it a tournament, cash game or sit n go – it’s important you keep a level head and don’t stress yourself out. When you feel as though the information before you is overwhelming, it’s a great idea to mentally slow down and analyze the situation.
Don’t feel afraid of annoying other players or getting the clock called on you. Take as much time as you need, and logically think through the hand in progress.
Think about what hands you can have in this situation, and what hands your opponents can have. And use this information to determine your most profitable move.
If you ever feel stuck, then think about all the hands you would play in the same way. Don’t feel obliged to three-barrel bluff just because you have no showdown value.
Sometimes it’s far better to cut your losses and wait for better opportunities, rather than risk your stack on marginal decisions. This largely comes back to knowing what hands you should be opening the pot with, and how you should be playing them.
These are called raised first in ranges, and they allow you to know what hands to play, and from what position to play them.
Today, I’m going to give you access to a FREE resource that’s helped me make millions of dollars playing poker. And soon, it can help YOU become a profitable, winning poker player.
You’ll discover how these ranges can help you become a poker player consistently booking profits, by understanding…
Early Position Raises
Middle Position Raises
Hijack Raises
Cutoff Raises
Button Raises
Small Blind Raises
By acting now, you can get access to these powerful charts, revealing exactly what hands to play, from what position, and how regularly – absolutely free of charge.
Simply click the link below, and you’ll get instant access to these charts, allowing you to begin making big changes to your game right away and seeing your profits increase.
But be quick– today might be the only day I’ll be giving this away for free. Come back another day, and you may well find I’m charging for this powerful


Why many People Involve in Gambling
There are different reasons why people choose to gamble. Individuals may be gambling to win money, to socialize, for excitement or to pass time.

For some people, gambling may become a serious problem that affects all aspects of their lives. As gambling has become more accessible, the number of people involved in gambling also is increasing.
However, Here are some of the reasons that people at risk of, or with a gambling problem gamble:

  • Hoping for a “big win” (at least 1 month’s salary)
  • Trying to win back lost money
  • Seeking the excitement of risk-taking
  • Impulsivity (acting without thinking in advance)
  • Trying to feel better about themselves
  • Escaping from loneliness, depression, anxiety and/or other unpleasant feelings
  • Hiding from life’s problems
  • Distraction from physical or emotional pain

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